Ironclad 2 is limited release and that hurts me.

(づ ʘ ‿ ʘ)づ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

I found it at the local walmart and didn’t buy it cause it doesn’t look that good to be honest.

Ah that’s too bad. I’m probably just gonna watch it anyway, but if it went straight to DVD that’s a warning….

breaking news, Ironclad 2 is A+ shit. 



     I won’t soon forget the events that took place in #ferguson…will you?


Tribute to my favorite Miyazaki movie of all time. Princess Mononoke portrays the beauty and challenges of coexisting with mother nature so perfectly. It teaches a lesson that we can all learn from. If you haven’t seen this classic already, I highly recommend it :)


Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something.

Dor-lómin was a country in the south-western part of Hithlum, bordered in the east by the Mountains of Mithrim, and in the north by the river which formed the Rainbow Cleft known as Annon-in-Gelydh, or “Gate of the Noldor”. It was the birthplace of Túrin son of Húrin and Morwen. There is also a mountain pass in its south unknown to the Enemy.

Here was one with an air of high nobility such as Aragorn at times revealed, less high perhaps, yet also less incalculable and remote: one of the Kings of Men born into a later time, but touched with the wisdom and sadness of the Eldar Race. He knew now why Beregond spoke his name with love. He was a captain that men would follow, that he would follow, even under the shadow of the black wings.
Track Title: Glory and Gore

Artist: Lorde

Album: Pure Heroine

glory and gore // lorde